About the Programme

The new offerings from the School of Art, Design and Media, allow each student more flexibility in choosing the subjects that suit their interests and objectives. They can choose from a broad range of courses within and outside their majors for a broad range of knowledge and expertise necessary in an increasingly competitive industry.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design Art combines three current programmes in Interactive Media, Product Design and Visual Communication into an integrated programme in Design.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Media Art unites existing specialisations in Digital Animation, Digital Filmmaking, and Photography & Digital Imaging into an integrated programme in Media.

A compulsory 10-week internship stint will be introduced to augment the students’ training. They will have the opportunity to do their internship at top companies, studios and production houses.

Another new feature is an interdisciplinary seminar module which students must complete. It will involve invited practising artists and designers to give talks and share their knowledge, views and insights.

Greater programme flexibility

The revised curricula for the four-year programmes are inter-disciplinary in their approach, but also allow students the option of specialising in a particular area, such as in photography, product design or animation.

Freshmen can choose their Major at the end of the first semester, instead of at the start of Year Two.

Presently, students must complete all prescribed electives in their chosen Major. But students now have greater flexibility to choose up to two electives from other disciplines from the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, such as in Communication, Economics and Philosophy, to meet the requirement of their Major.

Those wishing to go beyond their core subject can also choose to have a Second Major, such as Art History which is unique to NTU, or from 20 Minors offered across the College, including Creative Writing, Film Studies and Urban & Environmental Studies.

Distribution of Academic Units (AUs)

Description AUs
Core Year 1 Common Foundation Modules 12
Year 1 Specific Foundation Modules 9
Year 1 Art History Modules 6
Year 2 Art History Module 3
Year 2 Area Specific History Module 3
Major Area Studio Modules 18
Final Year Project (FYP) 9
Interdisciplinary Seminar 3
Major Prescribed Electives Year 3 Art History Module (Choose one from a list of given options) 3
Any Major Area Studio / Art History Modules 9
Internship 6
Unrestricted Electives Unrestricted Electives Modules 24
GER Core Communication Skills 5
Singapore Studies 3
Ethics and Moral Reasoning 1
Absolute Basics for Career 1
Career Power Up 1
Environmental Sustainability 1
Enterprise and Innovation 1
GER Prescribed Electives Liberal Arts 3
Business Management 3
Science and Technology 3
Any two courses from preceding three categories 6
Total AUs 133
*Distribution applies for BFA in Design Art and BFA Media Art.
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