Design Art

Choosing Your Path

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design Art combines three pathways in Interaction Design, Product Design and Visual Communication into an integrated programme in Design.

All modules are new or will be modified and updated for this revised curriculum. While a student wanting to pursue a particular pathway (Interaction Design or Product Design or Visual Communication) will be required to follow the core modules in the order outlined below, students pursuing a general BFA in Design Art could choose modules that suit them as long as they meet any pre-requisite requirements.

**Compulsory Art History Major PE

Compulsory Art History Major PE can be taken in Year 2 or 3. Students can choose one of the following:

DD2000 Introduction to the Histories of Southeast Asian Art
DD2008 Survey of Modern Art 1900 - 1945
DD2009 Survey of New Media
DD2012 (DD8008) Faith in Art
DD2013 (DD8010) Visualization of Cultural Heritage
*DD2014 (DD8012) Contemporary Curating (Pre-req: DD1003 or DD1004)
DD3010 Issues in Global Contemporary Art
*DD3022 Art in the Age of Colonialism (Pre-req: DD1004)
*DD2015 (DD9014) Introduction to Museum Studies (Pre-req: DD1003)

*Course with pre-requisite

Electives offered by ADM under BFA Design Art (DA) and BFA Media Art (MA)

Modules are open to all students of BFA Design Art and BFA Media Art allowing them to freely choose between those modules that are offered by ADM for that semester. Some of the PEs are planned to be open to students of HASS and NTU a UE though Studio Modules PEs, that are restricted to small student numbers or where specific skill sets are required, will have priority for ADM students. GERs and Core GERs are not included in this section since these modules are common to all students in NTU.

For a comprehensive list of ADM courses, please refer to this link:

Animation Specialisation

Course Type Open to
DT2005 Lighting and Rendering Pipeline PE/UE Yes Yes
DT2010 Digital Compositing PE (MA)/UE - -
*DT2015 Advanced 3D Production (Pre-req: DT2001) PE/UE - BEng SCE
DT2017 Writing for Animation (Interschool with WKWSCI) (Recommended for GAME Pathway) PE/UE Yes Yes
*DT3000 Advanced Drawn Animation (Pre-req: DT2000) PE - -
*DT3004 Rigging For Animation (Pre-req: DT2001) PE/UE - BEng SCE
DT3009 Cinematic Concepts and Motion Capture Applications (Recommended for GAME Pathway) PE/UE - BEng SCE
*DT3010 Visual Effects I (Pre-req: DT2001/DT2010/DF2000/DF2003) PE (MA) - -
*DT3011 Visual Effects II (Pre-req: DT3010/DF3013) PE (MA) - -
*DT3015 Advanced Stop Motion (Pre-req: DT2011) PE/UE - -

*Course with pre-requisite

Filmmaking Specialisation

Course Type Open to
DF2007 (DF9001) The Art of Lighting (Recommended for GAME Pathway) PE/UE Yes -
*DF2012 Advanced Screenwriting (Pre-req: DF2005 or HZ9205 or CS4024) PE(MA)/UE - -
DF2013 Film Music in Theory and Practice PE/GERPE(LA)/UE Yes Yes
*DF3001 Cinematography for Visual Effects (Pre-req: DF2003) PE - -
*DF3005 Audio Post Production for Film (Pre-req: DF2011 / DF3008) PE(MA)/UE - -
DF3010 Experimental Film Production PE/UE Yes -
*DF3014 Creative Producing for Film and Media (Pre-req: Study Year 3 and above) PE/UE - -
*DF5002 (DF3006) Cinematography II (Pre-req: DF2003) UE - -

*Course with pre-requisite

Interaction Design Specialisation

Course Type Open to
DM2002 Sound Art PE/UE Yes Yes
DM2009 Performance and Interaction PE/UE Yes Yes
DM2011 Issues in Interactive Media Practice PE/UE Yes Yes
DM3008 Generative Art PE/GER(LA)/UE Yes Yes
*DM3009 Audio-Visual Creative Coding (Pre-req: DM2008) PE/UE Yes Yes

*Course with pre-requisite

Photography Specialisation

Course Type Open to
DP2004 Critical Eye: Seeing and Understanding in Photo Media PE/UE Yes Yes
DP2008 Experimental Photography PE/UE Yes Yes
*DP3001 Transformative Identities in Fashion Media (Pre-req: DP2005 or DP2006) PE/UE - -
DP3003 Socially Engaged Photography PE/UE - -
*DP3008 Location Experiences in Photography (Pre-req: DN1012 or DP2000 or DP2001) PE/UE - -

*Course with pre-requisite

Product Design Specialisation

Course Type Open to
DR2002 Issues in Product Design Practice PE/UE - -
DR2011 Human Factors in Design (Interschool with MAE) PE/UE - BEng Design Stream
DR2012 Materials, Manufacturing & Technology for Design (Interschool with MAE) PE/UE - BEng Design Stream
DR2013 Furniture Design I PE/UE Yes Yes
DR2014 Wearable Technology, Fashion and Design PE/UE Selection Required -
*DR2015 Furniture Design II (Pre-req: DR2013) PE - -
*DR3002 Computer Aided Design II (Pre-req: DR2005) PE/UE - -
Interaction and Products PE/UE Yes BEng Design Stream

*Course with pre-requisite

Visual Communication Specialisation

Course Type Open to
DA5004 (DA9012) Media Art Nexus UE Yes Yes
DV2002 Illustration for Designers PE/UE Selection Required -
DV2003 (DV8001) Beyond the logo: Introduction to branding PE/GER(LA)/UE Yes Yes
DV2006 Designed Experiences PE/UE Yes Yes
*DV2007 Issues in Visual Communication Practice (Pre-req: DV2004 and DV3010) PE - -
DV2008 Interface Design PE/UE Selection required
*DV2012 Digital Visual Communication (Pre-req: DV2004 & DV2005) PE - -
*DV3002 Editorial Design (Pre-req: DV2004 & DV2005) PE - -
DV3003 Spatial Design PE/UE - -
*DV3005 Creative Brand Design (Pre-req: DV2004 and DV3010) PE/UE Selection Required -
DV5001 (DV2009) Design in Motion UE Selection required
DV5003 (DV2011) Pattern, Art, Design and Architecture UE - -
Experimental Layout PE/UE - -

*Course with pre-requisite

Internships and Exchange Programmes


Internship will be introduced to be in line with the university’s direction to have internship as compulsory component of the undergraduate education. Offered as CORE (applicable for AY2017 to AY2020) / ICC (applicable for AY2021 onwards) for 5 AUs, internship will be for 10 weeks during the vacation period between Year 3 and Year 4.

ADM has worked with NTU’s Career and Attachments Office (CAO) and has built a list of suitable companies, studios and production houses that already take in ADM students for internship. This relationship will be built further to ensure that all students have the opportunity to do an internship during the course of their study.

Student Exchange

Students in Year 3 are eligible to study for one semester at tertiary institutions around the world that have student exchange agreement around the world. This will be continued with a more concerted effort, working with NTU’s Global Education and Mobility (GEM) personnel to send up to 50 to 60% of the students abroad on exchange for one semester, Semester 1 of Year 3. Students will have the opportunity to study in top institutions in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific as exchange students.

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