Course Content

Course Code Course Title​ Pre-Requisite
DT2000 Basic Principles of Motion Nil
DT2001 3D Production Nil
DT2005 Lighting and Rendering Pipeline Nil
DT2007 History and Culture of Animation, VFX and Game Nil
DT2009 Storyboarding & Production Design Nil
DT2010 Digital Compositing Nil
DT2011 Stop Motion Nil
DT2015 Advanced 3D Production Nil
DT2016 3D Character Animation DT2000 & DT2001
DT2017 Writing for Animation Nil
DT3000 Advanced Drawn Animation DT2000
DT3004 Rigging for Animation DT2001
DT3008 Research and Visual Development DT2000 / DT2001 / DT2009 / DT3017
DT3009 Cinematic Concepts and Motion Capture Applications Nil
DT3010 Visual Effects I DT2001 / DT2010 / DF2000 / DF2003
DT3011 Visual Effects II DT3010
DT3012 Acting For Animation DT2016
DT3013 Animation Seminar DT2001
DT3015 Advanced Stop Motion DT2011
Digital Sculpting Nil
Graphic Storytelling Nil
Issues in Animation Practice Nil
Digital Painting Nil
Fundamentals Of Immersive 360˚ and VR Experiences Nil
DD1003 Introduction to the Histories of Art I: Western Art History Nil
DD1004 Introduction to the Histories of Art II DD1003
Ways of Seeing: Exploring Visual Culture Nil
DD2000 Introduction to the Histories of Southeast Asian Art DD1003
DD2003 Issues in Art History and Theory Nil
DD2007 The Art and Architecture of the 'Long Century' 1789 - 1914 Nil
DD2008 Survey of Modern Art, 1900 - 1945 Nil
DD2009 Survey of New Media Nil
DD2010 Modern and Contemporary Chinese Art Nil
DD2011 Contemporary South-East Asian Art Nil
Faith and Art Nil
Visualization of Cultural Heritage Nil
Contemporary Curating DD1003 or DD1004
DD3008 Cities, Bodies, Memories, Art and Everyday Life in Contemporary Singapore Nil
DD3010 Issues in Global Contemporary Art Nil
DD3013 From Modern to Post-Modern Art 1945-1985 Nil (DD3005 Preferred)
DD3016 History of Design Nil
DD3022 Art in the Age of Colonialism DD1004
The Fantastic in Western Visual Arts Nil
The Modern and Modernism in Southeast Asian Art Nil
Japanese Art: Edo to Contemporary Nil
Aesthetic Manifestations of Buddhist Devotion & Practice Nil
Maritime Silk Roads: Heritage and Media Nil
DD4002 Exhibition Histories: Museums to Biennales Nil
DD4007 British Art: 1815 - 1929 Nil
DD4008 From Colonialism to Tourism: Early Photography in Asia DD1004 or DD2000
DF2000 Digital Film Production I Nil
DF2001 Film Editing Nil
Survey of Experimental Filmmaking Nil
DF2003 Cinematography I Nil
Sound in Media Nil
DF2005 Writing For Film Nil
DF2006 Ethnographic Film Nil (prior knowledge in Film studies is preferred)
The Art of Lighting Nil
DF2009 History of World Cinema Nil
DF2011 Sound for Film Nil
DF2012 Advanced Screenwriting DF2005 or HZ9205 or CS4024
DF2013 Film Music in Theory and Practice Nil
DF3001 Cinematography for Visual Effects DF2003
DF3004 Digital Film Production II DF2001, DF2003, DF2011
DF3005 Audio Post Production for Film DF2011 / DF3008
DF3010 Experimental Film Production Nil
DF3011 Advanced Directing for Film DF3012 / DF3009
DF3012 Film Directing DF2000 and DF2005
DF3013 Producing for Film and Media DF2000
DF3014 Creative Producing for Film and Media Study Year 3 & above
Issues in Film Practice Nil
Documentary Filmmaking Nil
Cinematography II DF2003
DN1001 Foundation Drawing Nil
DN1002 Foundation 2D Nil
DN1003 Foundation 3D Nil
DN1004 Foundation 4D Nil
DN1009 Graphic Form Nil
DN1010 Experimental Interaction Nil
DN1011 Form and Visualization Nil
DN1013 Concept of Digital Imaging Nil
DN1016 Visual Storytelling Nil
DN1017 Media Art and Representation Nil
DM2008 Programming For Interaction Nil
DT2007 History and Culture of Animation, VFX and Game Nil
DT2018 Animation for Games I Nil
DT2019 Animation for Games II DT2018
DT2020 Game Design I Nil
DT3008 Research and Visual Development DT2000 / DT2001 / DT2009 / DT3017
DT3014 Game Design II DT2020
DT3016 Game Jam DT2018 / DT3014
DT3017 Game Seminar DT2018 / DT3014
DM2000 Interactive I Nil
DM2002 Sound Art Nil
DM2006 Narratives for Interaction Nil
DM2007 Interactive II DM2000
DM2008 Programming For Interaction Nil
DM2009 Performance and Interaction Nil
DM2011 Issues in Interactive Media Practice Nil
DM3008 Generative Art Nil
DM3009 Audio-Visual Creative Coding DM2008
DM3010 Project Development and Planning Study Year 3 & above
DM3013 Interactive Spaces DM2007
DM3014 Interactive Devices DM2007
DM3015 Interactive Environments DM3013
Creative Robotics Nil
Web Design Nil
DA1000 Thinking and Communicating Visually I Nil
DA2002 Thinking and Communicating Visually II DA1000
Exhibition Design Nil
DA3000 Thinking and Communicating Visually III DA1000
Applied Drawing Nil
Painting Nil
Watermedia Landscape Painting Nil
Kinetic Anatomy: Dynamic Figure Drawing for Artists and Designers Nil
Media Art Nexus Nil
Drawing and Sketching for Design, Compositional Study and Space Construction Nil
Handbuilding with Clay: Form and Surface Nil
Drawing for Animation Nil
DD0000 Writing Narratives for Creative Media Nil
DD0002 The Contemporary Creative and Cultural Industry of Singapore Nil
DD0003 Information Visualization Nil
DD3012 Research Methods in Art and Design Nil
DD3021 Professional Attachment Must have achieved at least 72 AUs and Year 3 standing
DD4001 Art History Final Year Project for ELAH Year 4 standing; and Completed all core courses
DD4003 Final Year Project - Media Art DT3008 / DF3004 / DP3011 / DP4001 / Upon Approval
DD4004 Final Year Project - Design Art DM3010 / DR3005 / DV3008 / Upon Approval
DD4005 Media Art Interdisciplinary Seminar Study Year 4
DD4006 Design Art Interdisciplinary Seminar Study Year 4
Independent Study Nil
Design Thinking Nil
DP2001 Digital Photography Nil
DP2002 History of Photography Nil
DP2005 Photography: Colour and Context DN1012 or DP2000 or DP2001
DP2006 Principles of Lighting DP5000 (DP2000)/DN1012/DP2001/DN1013
DP2008 Experimental Photography Nil
DP2011 Photography: Light and Location DP2006
DP3000 Photographic Media and Presentation DN1012 / DP2000 / DP2001
DP3001 Transformative Identities in Fashion Media DP2005 or DP2006
DP3003 Socially Engaged Photography Nil
DP3008 Location Experiences in Photography DN1012 / DP2000 / DP2001
DP3010 Moving Image for Media Artists DN1012 / DP2000 / DP2001
DP3011 Documentary Practices DN1012 / DP2000 / DP2001
DP4001 Extended Photography DP2001 and DP2005
Black and White Film Photography Nil
Art and Ecology Workshop Nil
DR2000 Conceptual Design Nil
DR2001 Product Design I Nil
DR2002 Issues in Product Design Practice Nil
DR2004 Product Design II DR2001
DR2005 Computer Aided Design I Nil
DR2008 User Experience in Design Nil
DR2011 Human Factors for Design Nil
DR2013 Furniture Design I Nil
DR2014 Wearable Technology, Fashion and Design Nil
DR2015 Furniture Design II DR2013
DR3002 Computer Aided Design II DR2005
DR3005 Product Design IV DR3006
DR3006 Product Design III DR2004
DR3007 Studies in Form DR2005
DR3008 Advanced Development and Prototyping DR3006 (ADM) / MA4831 (MAE)
Surface Design Nil
Products in an Asian Cultural Context Nil
Introduction to Design Nil
DR5004 Design and Systems Thinking Nil
DV2000 Typography I Nil
DV2001 Visual Communication I Nil
DV2002 Illustration for Designers Nil
Beyond the logo: Introduction to branding Nil
DV2004 Typography II DV2000
DV2005 Visual Communication II DV2001
DV2006 Designed Experiences Nil
DV2007 Issues in Visual Communication Practice DV2004 and DV3010
DV2008 Interface Design Nil
DV2012 Digital Visual Communication DV2004 and DV2005
DV3002 Editorial Design DV2004 & DV2005
DV3003 Spatial Design Nil
DV3005 Creative Brand Design DV2004 and DV3010
DV3008 Visual Communication IV DV3010
DV3010 Visual Communication III DV2005
DV3011 Typography III DV2004
DV3012 Production for Graphic Designers DV3010
Design in Motion Nil
Packaging Design Nil
Pattern, Art, Design and Architecture Nil
Art, Design and Science Nil
Graphic Communication Nil
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